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March 17th 2015 sees the launch of the long awaited and much sought after

IRIS – Pro Training Series – Texan Driver [P3D/FSX]

IRIS - Pro Training Series - Texan Driver [P3D/FSX]

“Fly one of the worlds most advanced Turboprop trainers!”

From its humble beginnings in 1937 the Texan has come a long way.

Originally developed as an advanced trainer for pilots before they graduated to first-line tactical aircraft, the Texan has undergone many facelifts and upgrades over the years.

Still a training aircraft, the T-6 is a tandem-seat, turboprop trainer enabling pilots to train for real-life missions, and is the preferred choice of militaries around the world.

The T-6B Texan II is an upgraded avionics version of the T-6A, which include an all-glass cockpit with three 5 x 7 multifunction displays, a head-up display, hands-on throttle and stick, and dual redundant Integrated Avionics Computers. It also features an open design to cater for future growth.

The T-6C features a range of training capabilities from initial pilot screening to advanced operational training. The aircraft is sophisticated. It includes mission computers, situational awareness data links, helmet-mounted cueing technology, munitions, and mounted avionics. And like the T-6B, open-architecture glass cockpit, offers the pilot incomparable visibility and room to extend the aircraft’s capabilities, in order to meet future training demands.

The cockpit of the T-6C features three interchangeable colour active-matrix liquid-crystal Multi-Function Displays (MFDs), primary flight display, navigation, engine-indicating and crew-alerting systems. It also includes programmable advanced mission functions such as a tactical situation display and MIL-STD 1787 head-up display (HUD) with F-16 or F/A-18 selectable display capabilities, and a backup, all-in-one flight instrument enabling the pilot to read essential flight cues in a matrix liquid-crystal display.

This total integration of instrument, navigation and advanced systems, enables tomorrow’s pilots develop their training skills.

So if you want to hone your skills, jump inside the most proven and cost-effective training aircraft in the world.


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