July 10th 2014 sees the launch of the long awaited and much sought after

IRIS – Pro Training Series – Pilatus PC-9/A [P3D/FSX]

IRIS - Pro Training Series - Pilatus PC-9/A [P3D/FSX]

“Fly one of the world’s most popular trainers and experience a simulation unlike any other in its class!”

Our vision with the IRIS Pro Training Series – Pilatus PC-9/A was to create a desktop simulation product which could potentially be used as a real-world training aid. With access to an abundance of public information, we’ve been able to realise this vision and produce our most complex and rewarding product to date.

The IRIS Pro Training Series – Pilatus PC-9/A has been modelled after A23-52, an airframe specific to the Royal Australian Air Force Aerobatic Team, ‘The Roulettes’, and whilst we have provided a number of alternate paintschemes from which to choose, we have remained faithful to the the cockpit of A23-52 and its integrated systems.

So, whether your passion is aerobatics, instrument navigation or even some low level cross country, this product has something for you. It has been a true labour of love for the IRIS team and every single person has pulled out their very best. We’re confident that it shows, and we’re sure you will be too!

So strap on in, power up the aircraft and take a ride in our most accurate, most in depth and most enjoyable aircraft to date. Easy to fly, challenging to master.


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