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IRIS – Pro Training Series – Pilatus PC-21 [FSX] – Pre-Order (update to full version) has been released!

Great news, we here at IRIS Flight Simulation Software (after many long months) have released to our Pre-Order customers the full version of the IRIS – Pro Training Series – Pilatus PC-21 [FSX]!

This means that for those of you who Pre-Ordered, your updated product is waiting for you in your order history. There is no need to re-order, or look for a new order, simply login & go to your “PC-21” order and use the download link. There is a new file, but under the old name.

For those of you who weren’t able to purchase on Pre-Order, watch this space!
We will be announcing the full release to the public Wednesday afternoon, Melbourne time.


Installation instructions:
Log into your account and follow the instructions below;

1. Click ‘Account’ on the top menu.
2. Click ‘View’ on your PC-21 order.
3. Click the link to download the product, it should now show 151Mb in size.


1. Navigate to your Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Simobjects/Airplanes folder and DELETE the following folders;
a. ANYTHING beginning with IRIS PC-21

Failure to do so will result in errors or duplicate aircraft appearing in your aircraft listing


Here are some useful links for you:
To login to your store account:

Our knowledge base articles on the PC-21:


If you have any questions please head on over to our support system, or our Facebook page and let us know.

We will be amping up the support staff over the next couple of days and will have the online chat manned by David on & off.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in getting the IRIS – Pro Training Series – Pilatus PC-21 [FSX] developed & released.

Have a terrific evening,

David, Karen & the IRIS development team.