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IRIS Pro Training Series – PC-21 – Knowledge Base & Changelog

Customer & Product support is important to us at IRIS Flight Simulation Software.

We have a great support system that is self-hosted and user friendly, we use it as both a Knowledge Base and a Support Ticketing System.

For general information and to lodge a support ticket:

For information specific to the IRIS Flight Simulation Software – Pro Training Series – PC-21 product:

To view the PC-21 changelog file:

You can also use the pop-ups on our site at any time.

Please make sure when asking for product support you include:

  • The name you registered on the store
  • Your email address
  • The store you purchased from
  • The Order ID / Invoice #
  • The product you are needing help with
  • Any screenshots that may be helpful

This information helps us expedite your support request.