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[FSX] ‘Classics Series’ – “P-40E Kittyhawk”

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Product Images

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Simulator requirements

Microsoft Flight Simulator X patched to SP2 standard

OR Microsoft Flight Simulator X with the Acceleration Expansion pack installed

OR Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold edition.


Product Description

This conversion is more than just a simple recompile of the previous FS2004 aircraft. We have added four brand new textures in this product representing four of Australia’s WWII Aces, complete with new weathering and effects. We have also added new normal map and specular map materials to provide a stunning external experience.

We have taken the time to record a brand new audio package for the P-40 Kittyhawk using authentic P-40 recordings featuring full 360 degree sound panning and new ambient sound for when you are sitting on the ground doing pre-flight. Now you can hear birds in the fields, aircraft and helicopters overhead as you ready yourself for flight!

We have updated the internal cockpit providing a complete set of new gauges designed for easy reading and clarity, and even added a basic modern cockpit for those needing some navigation tools to hand.

Pam Brooker, resident flight dynamics engineer has done a superb job of the flight model, giving you an aircraft which is a true joy to fly, however it is an aircraft you have to FLY, rather than many ‘point and go’ aircraft seen these days.
All in all, IRIS are very happy at the conversion of this product and hope that you all will once again, enjoy the thrill of the P-40 Kittyhawk in Flight Simulator X.

  • 2048×2048 pixel bitmap masters resized to 1024×1024 pixels for all the paintschemes providing super sharp bumpmaps and amazing visuals across ALL graphics cards capable of running FSX!
  • A superb soundset from IRIS AudioworX with 360 degree sound panning customised specifically for FSX.
  • A variety of superb paintschemes making use of the best art techniques available allowing for superb weathering and visual clarity.
  • A high quality paintkit featuring all weathering layers allowing users full customisation of repaints all in glorious 2048×2048 pixel quality!
  • A superb flight model from Jade Island Flight Test Center.
  • An in depth pilot handbook with all the information you need to know to operate the IRIS P-40 Kittyhawk systems and aircraft complete with instrumentation breakdown, checklists and more.