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IRIS Flight Simulation Software “Fan of the Week” Competition (March 7 2013)

Hi fans, customers & family.

Welcome to the “Fan of the Week” Competition for March 7, 2013 through to March 11, 2013.

We’re working with Rafflecopter to bring you a better way to get together and run competitions.  Simply interact with us how you might normally would and increase your chances of winning this weeks prize:  $10 Gift Voucher redeemable at our Online Store.

Each week will ask you do to perhaps answer a bonus question, or submit a screenshot, or nominate your favourite fan video.  This week all you need to answer is:  What is your favourite IRIS product?  Answer that and you get a bonus 2 points!

Don’t forget, for super bonus points – share this post, and then let us know where you shared it with it’s new URL, for that you’ll be rewarded with 5 points!

Sorry dev team, you’re exempt!  

Some rules (sorry folks)

  • One winner will be announced each week.  
  • Entry into this competition is voluntary!
  • You must supply us with your IRIS Flight Simulation Store account name & email address for us to send the gift voucher.
  • We reserve the right to cancel this competition at any time.
  • One winner, one person per competition per week.


Good luck everyone!

The Admin Team
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