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IRIS Flight Simulation Software “Venture MG.1” is released!

IRIS Flight Simulation Software Venture MG.1


November 24th 2012 sees the release of the long awaited and much sought after

IRIS – Aviator Series – Venture MG.1 [FSX]

IRIS Flight Simulation Software Venture MG.1 for FSX

IRIS Flight Simulation Software Venture MG.1 for MS:FSX is based on the civilian Grob 109B manufactured by Grob-Werke GmbH

David Love-Brice and the IRIS Team Members have spent many hard hours on this artistic representation of the Grob 109B, a brilliant and stunning aircraft manufactured by Grob-Werke GmbH.

The Grob 109B has many amazing flight features and in the simulation version, Venture MG.1, you will see and feel them replicated.

  • A superb soundset from IRIS AudioworX with 360 degree sound panning customized specifically for FSX.
  • All new 3D gauges with silky smooth performance.
  • Two visual models with or without wheel covers.
  • A superb flight model for the light handling and excellent soaring characteristics of the Venture MG.1 aircraft.
  • A wide variety of paint schemes and a full paintkit allows repainting by users.
  • A selection of textures in various compression ratios and sizes for users on lower end systems.
  • Inclusion of GPS and autopilot options to add a modern interpretation of the Grob 109B
  • Fictional Air Training Corps artwork (ZH372) which we hope will satisfy some of the air cadets
  • The Venture MG.1 is based on the Civilian Grob 109B

The Venture MG.1 had its name found through a competition on Facebook, our fantastic customer Bradley Soanes who suggested ‘Grob “Venture” 109B’.


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* This product is an artistic representation of the subject matter, which is inspired by the Grob 109B.
IRIS Flight Simulation Software does not endorse and is not endorsed by, or otherwise linked to, Grob-Werke GmbH.

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