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My Payment Declined, now what?

Has any of this happened to you?

  • Paymate declined my payment!
  • The store notified me that my order was cancelled
  • My payment bounced


Paymate processes our standard non-PayPal credit card payments, and occasionally a payment will be declined after processing.  When that happens the store is updated to reflect non-payment. In some cases the store may even be updated to refuse further purchases until payment has been made.
To make a manual payment you can do 1 of 2 things:


our email
address:           ols@irissimulations.com.au
Total:               What your order total is


our email
address:           ols@irissimulations.com.au
Total:              What your order total is
Reference / Note             Your order #


Please make sure your name and email match those that are in the store


Once the payment has gone through:

Fill in a Support ticket with your information.

  • Enter your name and email EXACTLY how it is registered on the store so we can match the details
  • Choose “E-Commerce Support” in Department
  • Store of purchase:  IRIS E-Commerce Store
  • Subject: Payment for declined purchase (or similar)
  • Message – IMPORTANT – Your order number from the store
  • If you have the Paymate receipt please copy the transaction or receipt number please
  • Submit
  • Please allow 24-48 hrs for a response (we may be in a different time zone than you).
    We also want to make sure the 2nd attempt at payment was successful


What happens next?

  • We receive your help support
  • We check Paymate transactions & confirm that payment has cleared to us
  • We use administration tools to update your account, releasing the product in your order, and if necessary unblocking your account for future purchases
  • You will receive emails from the store with your order details
  • You will receive a message from the support staff closing your support request


Thanks for that!  Oh! You said up to 24-48 hours before you can get back to me?
We ask that our customers have a little patience, we are based in Australia and we do like to sleep at night, we don’t always, but we try to.  So, if you’re concerned, just check the clock down there on the left and see the date & time here where we are. We try & check-in on the weekend, but we do have a young family that we chill out with on the weekends, that and we need to make sure that the payments have cleared properly from Paymate or PayPal.


What happens if I don’t pay?

You will receive a further email from us, and after a period of time you will have your account permanently blocked on our store, where necessary we will also report it to Paymate.


Any further questions? 
Please use the “Submit Ticket” link up there on the right.

~IRIS Admin

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