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    Grob Tutor T.1
    "Take to the sky in one of Europe's most popular primary flight training aircraft!"

    A favourite of the Royal Air Force University Air Squadrons (UAS) and Air Experience Flights (AEF),
    the Grob Tutor has seen many of the UK Air Cadets experience their first flights
    and take steps towards becoming flight crew in the Royal Air Force.
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    Be a Texan Driver!
    From its humble beginnings in 1937 the Texan has come a long way.

    Originally developed as an advanced trainer for pilots before they graduated to first-line tactical aircraft,
    the Texan has undergone many facelifts and upgrades over the years.

    Still a training aircraft, the T-6 is a tandem-seat, turboprop trainer enabling pilots to train for real-life missions,
    and is the preferred choice of militaries around the world.
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    Never forget your Roots!
    The team at IRIS Simulations started development of flight simulation aircraft
    back in 2003 under the brand DSB Design.

    Taking simulation products to the next level for almost 15 years, IRIS Simulations continues
    to push the envelope and find new and exciting ways to embrace the passion for aviation.
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    Advanced Features

    Leading the way with the latest technology

    IRIS products are developed using the latest 3D toolsets and cutting edge programs to deliver our customers the best solution we can.

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    Impressive Range

    From Ultralights to Fast Jets!

    From the Jabiru J160 through to the cutting edge F-22 Raptor, IRIS delivers a wide range of simulation experiences.

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    Eye Candy

    Embracing 4K UHD Art

    Our latest products feature eye popping detailed art at 4096 pixels aimed at the latest hardware.

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    Extensive Documentation

    From the tablet to the desktop

    To reduce the load on the user, our products contain a variety of manuals to make your learning curve that little bit easier.