IRIS - Aerobatic Series - Christen Eagle [FSX]

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Although this aircraft does not have the amazing graphics that something like a certain aerobatic developer. this is a TOP aircraft. I have flown LIMITED Aerobatics and am licensed by the FAA as a private pilot and have spoken to many that have flown aerobatics and two who have flown the Christen Eagle. We all agree that IRIS Christen Eagle is Definitely the best behaving aerobatic aircraft for fsx! minimizing development of bad flying techniques and habits that might translate to negative transfer in real aircraft and capable of flying great aerobatics including Knife Edge and spins. I own 5 aerobatic aircraft from different developers for fsx and all I can say is I wish they all flew this well. you will not regret this purchase
Date Added: 12/19/2012 by Jerry Witt