IRIS - Airforce Series - Raptor Driver [FSX]

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The images both exterior and interior are very well done and the aircraft is enjoyable to hand fly...which is a good thing since the autopilot is a huge frustration. It sometimes works well but more often than not the altitude hold will not maintain the selected altitude and it will often reset to the current altitude when another altitude was pre-selected.

Other problem areas:

Other problem areas:

I have been unable to make functional any glideslope indications when using the ILS mode.

On a flight yesterday I attempted to tune the COM frequency 132.200 on both COM1 and COM2 and despite repeated efforts entering those numbers in the control head the radio would tune 132.190

Even at full power in a moderate climb (3000fpm)the airspeed will drop to a completely unacceptable 150 kts or less

Engaging the topo map on the MFD is a hit or miss proposition. Sometimes it will display but more often it will not.

Customer service support is poor. I have reported these issues and failed to receive responses

I have seen a reference from another Raptor Driver pilot of an onboard radar function but I have not found this on the aircraft and the instruction manual gives little information about it

My impression from involvement with many products from other developers is that a lack of proper care was put into introducing this product. IRIS stated in mid-March 2016 that an update was forthcoming that would address at least some of these issues and one can only hope that such is true.

Correcting these deficiencies would make this an excellent aircraft and is sorely needed as right now it simply is not great.
Date Added: 04/07/2016 by Roger Curtiss