IRIS Pro Training Series - Texan Driver [FSX/P3D]

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I absolutely love this aircraft, the T-6B module seems to have been perfectly modeled and very closely resembles the real deal. The audio is perfect, the clickable cockpit is nearly perfect and the aircraft in-game manager is really useful. With that said there are some things that I feel could be adjusted/added to make this trainer much more true to reality: First, wheel chocks and covers in the aircraft manager are under the same "bullet" and cannot be selected individually, per the NATOPS, the covers come off first and the wheel chocks come off later, having them be separate in the aircraft manager would be great. Next, the cockpit, the emergency landing gear handle seems to always be pulled out in the "cold Start" config which isn't correct and it doesn't appear to work, the FCS isnt fully modeled and TCAS cant be turned on, having the Anti-G test button actually be clickable would be really convenient, only one of the radios seem to work for both UHF/VHF and that's Com 1. Lastly a patch for P3Dv4 would be great, the only thing missing there is system audio (like the test panel audio, over speed, stall etc.) other than that the P3Dv4 version is perfect. Over all the trainer is a BLAST to fly and is modeled very well, so-

Pros: Fun to fly, very close to the real deal in terms of both audio, "feel" and flight characteristics, cockpit is 99.9% clickable, streamlined in-game aircraft manager, you can fly with a buddy, rear cockpit is just as functional as the front one, easy to use FCS, UFCP is pretty good, HUD looks great

Cons: Limited FCS (some pages are nonexistent or grayed out), no TCAS, covers and wheel chocks cant be added/removed separately, Com1 used for all frequencies and the only comm radio recognized by FSX, emergency gear handle seems to always be out for cold starts and has no functionality, no warning audio in P3Dv4 (would love a patch for this)
Date Added: 05/06/2018 by Adam F.