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Where's my product? I paid but no download link!

Has any of this happened to you?
  • Help! I ordered a product in your store but the link isn't showing in my account!
  • Paymate processed but I don't have an order in my store account
  • I paid and I got an email but I can't find my account or my link anywhere!

Every now and again it may seem that the store has refused you an order, we have found that the most common cause of this is that the order process hasn't been completed fully.  On the last page of the ordering process there is a "Confirm Order" button, if you do not press this last "confirm" the order will not update in the shopping cart correctly and your order will not show.  The order will also not complete if the webpage has been closed either by the customer or a crash, it may also be caused by a timeout between the 2 sites.

Great! But what can you do about it? I hear you ask.

Fill in a Support ticket with your information.

  • Enter your name and email EXACTLY how it is registered on the store so we can match the details
  • Choose "E-Commerce Support" in Department
  • Store of purchase:  IRIS E-Commerce Store
  • Subject: Paymate complete - no order (or something similar)
  • Message - IMPORTANT - please make sure you tell us what you were trying to purchase.
  • If you have the Paymate receipt please copy the transaction or receipt number please
  • Submit
  • Please allow 24-48 hrs for a response (we may be in a different time zone than you).

It is important that you tell what the product was, the store doesn't always keep this in your shopping cart (especially if you have logged back out and tried again).

What happens next?

  • We receive your help support
  • We check Paymate transactions and confirm that payment has cleared to us
  • We use administration tools to update your account by processing a new order for you, a further payment is NOT required, we override this.
  • You will receive emails from the store with your order details
  • You will receive a message from the support staff closing your support request

Alternatively ....

In order to fasttrack your missing order please complete the order process using the following method:

1)  Login to your store account
2)  Place your product in your cart
3)  Go through the shopping cart process choose "Press/Admin/Team" as your payment (you will not be charged a 2nd time)
4)  Make sure you put your Paymate transaction information in the comments section of your order
5)  Complete the order
6)  Return to your support ticket (reply by email or login to the support system) and update the ticket with your new order number.
     OR  create a ticket if this is your first visit to the system (you are reading this on our Knowledge Base)
7)  One of our admin staff will then let the order go through the system, update it to "paid" and you will be sent an invoice with the order details.  
8)  When you receive the "Order Updated" email you can then login to your account and you can download your product.

It doesn't take as long as it seems as normally we can get you your link as soon as we can confirm the payment transaction and your new order number.

How did this happen? It doesn't happen with <insert other store/cart/gateway>

Great question, it's the way that the Paymate plugin and Zen Cart system talk to each other. Zen Cart doesn't raise an order until Paymate has approved of the credit card transaction.

Zen Cart -> Paymate -> Zen Cart.

It drives us a little bonkers too as it doesn't register the details with Paymate and so we can't just look things up, we need to go back to you to get the information.  We may be able to get this worked on, but it will be an expensive undertaking to have the plugin re-written, and as long as people see the last "Confirm Order" button everything works great!

Thanks for that!  Oh! You said up to 24-48 hours before you can get back to me?

We ask that our customers have a little patience, we are based in Australia and we do like to sleep at night, we don't always, but we try to.  So, if you're concerned, just check the clock down there on the left and see the date and time here where we are. We try and check-in on the weekend, but we do have a young family that we chill out with on the weekends.

Any further questions? 
Please use the "Submit Ticket" link up there on the right.

~IRIS Admin

Last updated: Sunday, 12 January 2014 - IRIS Admin