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T-6B Texan II

Aug 19 (3 months ago)
Mikal Kissick wrote
Hello from sunny Pensacola. I am a retired Navy Officer and I own an Aviation Supply store outside the Main Gate of NAS Pensacola. I use your software daily to demonstrate the platform and promote your product to U.S. Navy, Marine Gorps, and Coast Guard Officers who await flight training here in Pensacola. I have 4 sim pits in the store and recently added the capability to do Virtual Reality. I use FSX Steam with FlyInside and also the DCS World both of which are excellent. Once you see the cockpits in VR it is very hard to go back to "Normal" flying on screen. With the advent of inexpensive entry to VR simulation, the T-6B is a most worthy candidate to port to VR. All Navy pilots train in this aircraft. All Navy Flight Officers train in the T-6A. That market alone should make it worth the effort. I know the effort and expense would be huge but I believe there is a market to train people virtually in advance of actual training. I have virtual capability in C-172 (IFS) and F-18 (end result) I just need the T-6B (in between) to complete the equation. DCS would be nice but FSX would allow for real world location training, KNSE, KNMM, KNPA, etc. Please consider! V/R LCDR Mikal "Butch" Kissick USN (Ret)
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