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[Q] What methods can I use to increase framerates?

Firstly, there are two key ways we can use to improve performance in the PC-21 and other aircraft.
  1. Make use of compressed artwork in DXT5 or DXT1 format thus reducing the load on the graphics card memory.  

    (On the PC-21 this can reduce the texture memory used on the external paint from 65Mb to 16Mb without changing the resolution)

  2. Reducing the pixel size in the panel.cfg to lower the resolution and increase the performance of any glass cockpit elements.
Whilst option 1 is default to version 1.1 of the Pilatus PC-21, and future paints will come with both 32-Bit and DXT5 textures, the main way to enhance performance in the PC-21 is by using the optimised gauges.
These gauges provide lower resolution but on some older machines and laptops, a far greater benefit in performance.
To install the optimised gauges, run the .exe file located in your Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/IRIS/Pro Training Series/Pilatus PC-21/Optimizers/ folder.

Updated:  March 7, 2013 - Team Lead