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[I] How to upgrade to a new version of the IRIS PC-21

When we release a new upgrade, or a new version, there are ways to update your IRIS Flight Simulation Software - Pro Training Series - Pilatus PC-21 that won't ruin your installation setup.  Here is how to do it.
For the IRIS Flight Simulation Software Online Store only
Log in to your account and follow the instructions below: 
1. Click 'My Account' on the top menu or 'Your Name' in the top right corner. 
2. Click 'View' on your PC-21 order. 
3. Download 
Please refer to your store of purchase (if other than IRIS directly) for their login and redownload instructions.
The installation process 
A.  Upgrading from v1.0/v1.1 -> 1.2 (Orders after March 6, 2013) 
Run the new installer as you would do normally
Whilst you do not have to remove the previous installation it is a good idea to do so   
B.  Upgrading from the "Pre-Order" (Orders prior March 5, 2013 [v.8]) -
PRIOR to installing 
  1. Navigate to:
Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight SimulatorX/Simobjects/Airplanes folder and DELETE the following folders:     
  a. ANYTHING beginning with IRIS PC-21 Failure to do so will result in errors or duplicate aircraft appearing in your aircraft listing 
  2.  Install as per normal 
For further information please visit our knowledge base: 
Optional information: 


Updated:  March 13, 2013 - Team Lead