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[I] How to create a Support System Account

To create an IRIS Flight Simulation Software Support Ticketing System (STS) Account please follow the instructions below:
  1. Go to:  IRIS Flight Simulation Software Support Knowledge Base: here

  2. Click on any of the following links:  Login or My Tickets (far right)

  3. A pop will appear.  Under the blue "Login" button is:  "Do not have an account? Register"

  4. Click on "Register"

  5. Enter your email and your name, you will receive a confirmation notice:
    "Registration successful. Please check your email and follow link in the registration email to set up your password and activate account"
  6. Check your email, your password will have been emailed to you.  You may need to check your spam/junk mail folder or add support(@)irissimulations.com.au and supportleader(@)irissimulations.com.au to your safe senders list.

  7. From:  IRIS Support Team (supportleader(@)irissimulations.com.au)  
    Subject:  Welcome to IRIS Flight Simulation Software Support
    Hello  ,
    Welcome to the IRIS Flight Simulation Software Support System. 
    Please follow:
    to setup your password and login to the panel.
    IRIS Flight Simulation Software Support Team
  8. Click on the link in your email

  9. At the link you will see the following:
    Welcome! Please choose your password.
    Email: cccc@vvvvv  (this will be autofilled)
    Repeat Password:
  10. A little green pop-up will display:  User Authenticated. Logging in.

  11. You are now logged in and if there are any tickets in your name or registered to your email account they will show here.

  • If you have existing support tickets it is best to the email address that they are registered to
  • You may choose to use your Facebook Account to login

If you are having problems registering please submit a support ticket with the Name and email address you wish to use on our system and we will manually create an account for you.

Fill in a Support ticket with your information.

  • Enter your name and email
  • The product name (version number & year of release)
  • Store of purchase
  • Message - IMPORTANT - any information that you deem as useful (have you searched in the folders etc)
  • Submit
  • Please allow 24-48 hrs for a response (we may be in a different time zone than you).

Thanks for that!  Oh! You said up to 24-48 hours before you can get back to me?
We ask that our customers have a little patience, we are based in Australia and we do like to sleep at night, we don't always, but we try to.  So, if you're concerned, just check the clock down there on the left and see the date and time here where we are. We try and check-in on the weekend, but we do have a young family that we chill out with on the weekends, that and we need to make sure that the payments have cleared properly from Paymate or PayPal. 

Any further questions?  

Please use the "Submit Ticket" link up there on the right.

~IRIS Admin


Updated:  November 6, 2013 - Team Lead