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[I] Support Ticket Guidelines

Support ticket lodgement information
We get a lot of support tickets through our system and, for the most part, all the information we need is made available to us straight away.  Sometimes though core information is missing, or not apparent in the ticket.
To assist you, we've added some mandatory questions within the "submit ticket" questions, as this will help move the process faster for you.
Questions such as:
1)  Product Name & Version Number
2)  Store of Purchase & Order ID / Invoice #
3)  Simulator Platform / Platform Version Number
4)  3rd Party Products - Software or Hardware
5)  Your system specs
6)  Summary of problem
7)  Evidence of problem - screenshots or video
To help you with the process we have also put together a .pdf document for you to download and read.  You can even copy & paste the questions from there to fill in your support form.  
Any further questions?  
Please use the "Submit Ticket" link up there on the right.  Please allow 24-48 hours for a response at this time.

IRIS Flight Simulation Support Team

Updated:  April 14, 2015 - Team Lead