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[I] Product Hotfix listing

What hotfixes are available for your products?
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IRIS - Pro Series F-14A Tomcat [FSX]
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Version 1.10 to 1.5 Hotfix (0.45Mb)
Here: http://www.irissimulations.com.au/files/hf_f14_150.exe
* F-14 Afterburners and associated flight dynamic now work based on throttle position.
* Cockpit launch bar switch now works as originally intended.
* New Control Panel added (Shift+1 in the VC View) which allows for one click quickstart, shutdown and toggling of the wingsweep system between automatic and manual modes.
* New aircraft initialization gauge added which automatically starts all essential systems when the aircraft is loaded in flight.
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IRIS - Platinum Series A-10A Warthog [FSX]
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Version 1.20 to 1.30 Hotfix (9.3Mb)
Here: http://www.irissimulations.com.au/files/hf_a10_130.exe
* Added correct ordnance map to the CSAR and Maverick loaded aircraft.
* Added missing flap sound
* Updated aircraft failure systems and engine compressor stall simulations.
* Altered the aircraft.cfg files to indicate the correct location of the CT ANG aircraft.
* Added CADC failure simulation.
* Added Air to Air Refuelling to the pilot handbook.
* Added Caution Warning information to the pilot handbook.
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IRIS - Airforce Series - Tactical Airlifter [FSX]
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Version 1.20 to 2.1 Hotfix (21.3Mb)
Here:  https://www.irissimulations.com.au/files/hf_c27j_120_210.exe
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IRIS - Aviator Series - DA-40 XLS [FSX]
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Version 1.20 to 1.25 Hotfix (864Kb)
Here:  https://www.irissimulations.com.au/files/hf_da40_120_125.zip
*  Persistent rolling of the aircraft during flight resolved.
*  Adjustment of the 'smaller' airports on the MFD allows for greater map range with small airport visibility.
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IRIS - Aviator Series - DA-42 [FSX]
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Version 1.00 to 1.25 Hotfix (1Mb)
Here:  https://www.irissimulations.com.au/files/hf_da42_100_125.zip
*  Glass display edges fixed.
*  DME display added to NAV1 and NAV2 options on the PFD
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Installation information
To install a hotfix please follow:
1)  Make sure the original product is installed correctly
2)  Download the hotfix from the links above or their product pages
3)  Run the installer
4)  Start your FSX installation
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