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Old order not in the system? My old links aren’t active? Your store won’t let me login!

Has any of this happened to you? My old order isn’t in the system My old links aren’t active My username and password don’t work, I can’t get in The store was upgraded to a new system in May 2012 and the old data has not been imported to the new platform, no customer information or orders were migrated. Most orders are able to be confirmed via Paymate receipt details. …Read More

[Q] I’ve loaded the aircraft, but parts are invisible.

This is a situation which occurs if you are NOT running one of the following; Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration Expansion Pack Microsoft Flight Simulator X upgraded to Service Pack 2 In early versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, there was no ability for the simulation to render textures greater than 1024×1024 pixels in size and as such, any textures higher than that resolution …Read More

Where do you sell your products?

One of the questions that is asked:   Where can I buy your products?   We have a number of distribution outlets IRIS Flight Simulation Software Online Store www.irissimulations.com.au/ols Flight Sim Store, The IRIS Flight Simulation Software Products IRIS Flight Simulation Software IRIS Development Studio Products Flight Sim Store – IRIS Development Studio FS Pilot Shop IRIS Flight Simulation Software Products IRIS Flight Simulation Software IRIS Development Studio Products IRIS …Read More

IRIS PC-21 [Q] Where do I find the manual?

Your Product Handbook and other associated print media in Adobe PDF format is located in the following folder; Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/IRIS/Pro Training Series/Pilatus PC-21/Manuals & References/ You can download Adobe Reader for free at; http://www.adobe.com/products/reader.html

My Payment Declined, now what?

Has any of this happened to you? Paymate declined my payment! The store notified me that my order was cancelled My payment bounced   Paymate processes our standard non-PayPal credit card payments, and occasionally a payment will be declined after processing.  When that happens the store is updated to reflect non-payment. In some cases the store may even be updated to refuse further purchases until payment has been made. To …Read More