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[Q] I’ve loaded the aircraft, but parts are invisible.

This is a situation which occurs if you are NOT running one of the following;

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition
Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration Expansion Pack
Microsoft Flight Simulator X upgraded to Service Pack 2

In early versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, there was no ability for the simulation to render textures greater than 1024×1024 pixels in size and as such, any textures higher than that resolution are rendered invisible in FSX.

With the release of Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and the subsequent Acceleration Expansion Pack, we were able to provide higher resolution art greater than 1024×1024 pixels in size.

If parts of your product are invisible, either download Service Pack 2 available from;


Or purchase the Acceleration Expansion Pack or Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition.

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